VCE VET Sport and Recreation

The VCE VET Sport and Recreation course enables students to achieve a partial Certificate III in Sport and Recreation. There are some prerequisite competencies that should have been attained during the Certificate II Community Recreation course. The competencies in this course are grouped into bundles. At Hallam, in 2010 students will have a choice of a fitness focus, aquatics or sport focus in term 2. Bundle two addresses primarily the coaching component and will be completed in term 1. Bundle three primarily addresses sport and the law, risk management and participation patterns and will be completed in term 3.

The course is assessed for VCE according to VCAA rules with 66% of the student score from course work and 34% from the end of year exam. Past exams may be accessed on the VCAA website. VCE VET past exams

Workbooks , authentication tests, topic tests, projects and research tasks have been designed to ensure that the maximum possible marks can be achieved in the VCE component of the course. These tasks are designed as Portfolio, Work Projects and Work Performance tasks, as per the VCAA requirements. Some students opt to only complete the VET competencies and receive a statement of attainment. In this case many of the workbooks are in the process of being differentiated to enable these students to satisfy the VET competencies without being overwhelmed by the demands of achieving a VCE score. The workbooks currently on this site are in their first version and will be modified for the 2010 course.

Bundle One
Bundle Two
Bundle Three

Students are encouraged to read the VCAA VCE VET information sheet VCE VET information sheet