VCE Physical Education Unit 2
Unit 2: The active body
This unit introduces the students to an understanding of physical activity, including the relationships between body systems and physical activity, the place of physical activity in contributing to well being in students’ own lives as well as within the wider community, and the classification of physical activity in terms of type and experience. Such knowledge is important to student understanding and is best delivered through a variety of practical activities.
The students will look at a range of factors that influence performance in physical activity. It is recognised that regular participation in physical activity is important for the health of individuals and the community. Students will investigate how the patterns of physical activity vary across the lifespan, including the physical, social and emotional benefits of participation in physical activity. A theoretical model, the Stages of Change, will be used to understand engagement with physical activity.

Outcome 1
On completion of this unit the student should be able to explain how the musculoskeletal, cardio respiratory and energy systems function during physical activity, including how the energy systems work together to enable activity to occur.

Outcome 2
On completion of this unit the student should be able to explain the impact of participation in physical activity on the health of selected population(s) and analyse factors affecting participation in physical activity.


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Chapter 11 - The musculoskeletal system

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Types of Bones
Bone Structure

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Excellent muscular system video lesson, activity and test - Muscles and movement Test

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Chapter 12 - The cardio-respiratory system

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Chapter 13 - Energy systems: An introduction

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Energy Systems

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Chapter 14 - Dimensions and domains of physical activity

Chapter 15 - Physical activity across the lifespan

Chapter 16 - Health benefits of physical activity

Chapter 17 - Health consequences of physical inactivity

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Health Energy

Chapter 18 - Understanding factors influencing participation in physical activity and the Stages of Change Model