Unit 1: Unity and diversity
In this unit students study the activities of cells and their structure and function at light and electron microscope levels. The composition of cells and cell replication is linked to type, cell growth and size division. The transport processes across plasma membranes is investigated. Common requirements of living things including energy, nutrients and exchanging gases are studied. Students are encouraged to conduct practical investigations including their own design to assist them to develop knowledge and understanding and to illustrate concepts.

Outcome 1
On completion of this unit the student should be able to design, conduct and report on a practical investigation related to cellular structure, organisation and processes.

Outcome 2
On completion of this unit the student should be able to describe and explain the relationship between features and requirements of functioning organisms and how these are used to construct taxonomic systems.

Try the following site for podcasts on unit 1 (numbers 1 - 12) Unit 1 podcasts

Unit 1 chapter summaries (Heinemann) -

Chapter One - Cells


Chapter 2 -
Structure and function of cells
The Fluid Mosaic Model
View the diffusion animation Diffusion also Facilitated diffusion Facilitated Diffusion
View the osmosis animation Osmosis also do the quizzes Tutorial - Osmosis tutorial

Chapter 3 -
Composition of cells

Go to the link to view how enzymes work How Enzymes work also do the quiz
Cell Crossword

Chapter 4 -
Cell replication

For each of the animations below, also do the quiz
Control of the Cell Cycle
How the Cell works
Mitosis and Cytokinesis

Chapter 5 -
Obtaining Energy and nutrients for life

**Digestion revision**

Chapter 6 -
Distribution of materials

Chapter 7 -

Chapter 8 -
Ordering the Living World