Physical Education 2006–2010
The accreditation period has been extended until 31 December 2010

Physical Education examines the biological, physiological, psychological, social and cultural influences on performance and participation in physical activity. Physical Education focuses on the complex interrelationship between motor learning and psychological, biomechanical, physiological and sociological factors that influence physical performances, together with the wider social attitudes to and understanding of physical activity.
A theoretical and practical approach towards physical activity is taken in this study. It provides the means by which theory and practice are integrated. Participation in physical activity and development of performance skills provide opportunities for students to reflect on factors that affect performance and participation in physical activity, as well as improve their own performance.
This study design is relevant to students with a wide range of expectations, including those who wish to pursue further formal study at tertiary level or in vocational education and training settings. The study prepares students for such fields as human movement, nursing or physiotherapy, as well as providing valuable knowledge and skills for participating in their own sporting and physical activity pursuits.

The study is made up of four units:
Unit 1: Learning and improving skill
Unit 2: The active body
Unit 3: Physiological and participatory perspectives of physical activity
Unit 4: Enhancing physical performance
Each unit deals with specific content and is designed to enable students to achieve a set of outcomes. Each outcome is described in terms of key knowledge and skills.

Outcomes define what students will know and be able to do as a result of undertaking the study.
Outcomes include a summary statement and the key knowledge and skills that underpin them. Only the summary statements have been reproduced below and must be read in conjunction with the key knowledge and skills published in the study design.

There are no prerequisites for entry to Units 1, 2 and 3. Students must undertake Unit 3 prior to undertaking Unit 4.

Satisfactory Completion
Demonstrated achievement of the set of outcomes specified for the unit.

Levels of Achievement
Units 1 and 2
Individual school decision on levels of achievement.

Units 3 and 4
The Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority will supervise the assessment of all students undertaking Units 3 and 4. In Physical Education the student’s level of achievement will be determined by school-assessed coursework and an end-of-year examination. Percentage contributions to the study score in Physical Education are as follows:
· Unit 3 school-assessed coursework: 25 per cent
· Unit 4 school-assessed coursework: 25 per cent
· End-of-year examination: 50 per cent