VCE Physical Education Unit 4
Unit 4: Enhancing physical performance
Improvements in physical performance, in particular fitness, depend on the ability of the individual or coach to acquire, apply and evaluate knowledge and understanding about training. Exercise physiology is concerned with individual responses and adaptations through exercise. Students experience a variety of practical activities involving a range of training methods and fitness activities. Students learn to accurately assess the particular energy and fitness needs of the sport or activity for which the athlete is training, through analysis of data collected from a game or activity.
Outcome 1 On completion of this unit the student should be able to plan and evaluate training programs to enhance physical fitness.

Outcome 2
On completion of this unit the student should be able to evaluate practices and/or strategies that are used in conjunction with each other to enhance sports performance.

Download and complete the - glossary, key knowledge and summary - for each of the chapters

Chapter 7 - Fitness Components

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Fitness testing Endurance Strength Speed and Power Flexibility Age Somatotypes

Chapter 8 - Data Collection and Activity Analysis

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Chapter 9 - Assessment of Fitness

Fitness and testing crossword
Chapter 10 - Fitness Training Principles and Methods

Revision - Training Methods Training Sessions
Principles of Training Revision quiz
Principles and methods of Training Revision Activity Test

Chapter 11 - Training Adaptations

Interactive Fibre Quiz
Effects of Exercise and Training - Revision Activity Test

Bowling training
Chapter 12 - Managing Training Loads and Sports Injuries

On Line training diaries

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Chapter 13 - Performance Enhancement - Psychological

Sports psychology and performance enhancement

Factors affecting performance
Age, psychological factors and technology - Revision Test

Chapter 14 - Performance Enhancement - Nutrition, Diet and Ethical Considerations

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Factors affecting performance
Nutrition - Revision Activity Test
Drugs in Sport - Revision Test

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